Avatar Type

The avatar image will be displayed in different occasions of the App (Profile, Comments, Experience Studio etc.). Therefore the avatar is used in three appropriate sizes (Original, Thumbnail or Icon). For each of these sizes, the data model is the following:

urlstringThe URL to the avatar image.https://example.com
width optionalintegerThe width of this image (px).512
height optionalintegerThe height of this image (px).512
size optionalintegerThe file size of this image in bytes.29942
format optionalstringThe file format related to the mime type.png
mimeType optionalstringThe URL to this avatar image.image/png
created optionalstringThe date indicating when this image was uploaded. Only on the original avatar.2021-09-09T10:17:40.000Z

Avatar Example

1"avatar": {
2 "original": {
3 "url": "https://{{sb-host}}.com/{{sb-system}}/image/upload/v1631172776/{{shortened}}/5fb67f2ddd7c407fbdd11524.png",
4 "width": 225,
5 "height": 225,
6 "size": 4650,
7 "format": "png",
8 "mimeType": "image/png",
9 "created": "2021-09-09T07:32:56.000Z"
10 },
11 "icon": {
12 "url": "https://{{sb-host}}.com/{{sb-system}}/image/upload/{{transformationInfo}}/v1631172776/{{shortened}}/5fb67f2ddd7c407fbdd11524.png",
13 "format": null,
14 "mimeType": null
15 },
16 "thumb": {
17 "url": "https://{{sb-host}}.com/{{sb-system}}/image/upload/{{transformationInfo}}/v1631172776/{{shortened}}/5fb67f2ddd7c407fbdd11524.png",
18 "format": null,
19 "mimeType": null
20 }