Hello World

Getting started with the Engineering Blog

Hello World by Clay Banks from unsplash

Hello World

Many of us started their journey into software and IT by printing these two words to the terminal, some in programming languages no one knows anymore, some in rather popular ones that we still use with Staffbase.

This Hello World here is also the beginning of a journey, hopefully. A handful of colleagues at Staffbase decided to create a place that we own and where we can share our thoughts and learnings with the world. As you might know, we’re growing in every aspect of our Product & Engineering organisation and that comes with new challenges every day. Challenges we manage quite well and others where we miserably fail. But in any case there’s something interesting to discover, to think about, to learn and to share. And brace yourself, we will not limit the range of topics here, since the engineering discipline covers so many interesting areas.

We will also intentionally copy the content published here to other platforms like LinkedIn or Medium, just to make sure to spread the word. And as with every other blog, there is a certain risk that the initiative will go into deep hibernation after the first three posts, created on a warm and sunny day in July. But we all believe that the opportunity is just too compelling to not just start. Let’s see where the wind takes us.

So, welcome dear future reader and “Hello World!”.