HR Services

An overview on the HR web services provided by Staffbase.

Most companies have an HR system that comprises of a suite of human resource management solutions for the optimal functioning of their organizations. To use the HR system with the Staffbase platform, we have introduced the HR Service specifications. These specifications will help you create an API, which can interact with the API of your HR system, such as Workday, ADP or Kronos. This way you easily integrate your HR system with the Staffbase platform.

The main component in such integrations is the web service that acts as the connector and it is built for the specific HR system. Usually, all HR systems offer similar processes. Based on that, our service specifications cover the main use cases and enable you to build your required web service.

For processes in HR systems, identifying an employee in the HR System is crucial. Therefore, the web service requires the identifier of a user in the HR system to be added to a dedicated profile field of the user’s profile in the Staffbase platform. This allows the web service to communicate with the HR system with the specific credentials of that user. This may also require settings on the HR system side.

Staffbase HR Web Services

Use the following specifications to create APIs for your HR Service to establish a mode of communication between the Staffbase platform and your HR system: