Configure Continuous News Sync Flow

Learn how to configure a continuous News Sync flow to sync SharePoint News to Staffbase.

The continuous News Sync flow allows you to sync SharePoint News to a Staffbase news channel based on an automatic event triggered by a webhook when SharePoint News is either created or updated. This is ideal if you have SharePoint as your intranet solution for the desktop workforce and Staffbase as a mobile app solution for your frontline workforce.


Open the continuous news sync flow

  1. In Power Automate, navigate to My flows.
  2. Select the continuous news sync flow you imported.
  3. Click Edit to configure the news sync flow.
    The continuous news sync flow opens.
    Continuous News Sync Flow

You have opened the flow. Now, you can configure the steps in the flow.

Configure SharePoint connection

  1. In the flow, open step 1 to configure the SharePoint connections.
 Configure SharePoint Connection
  1. Add the connection that you created for SharePoint to map the connection to the trigger.
    The When a SP File is created or modified dialog opens.
  2. In the Site Address dropdown field, select a SharePoint site that has news content you want to sync.
  3. In the Library Name dropdown field, select Enter custom value, and enter Site Pages.

SharePoint News content is selected from the library to be synced to Staffbase. By default, this action will return 100 news items based on the news ID field, including folders in ascending order. Learn more about how to configure advanced options for this action.

Configure your Staffbase platform hosting details

Configure the details of the hosting infrastructure for your Staffbase platform.

  1. In the flow, open step 2 to configure the Staffbase platform details.
  2. In the Value field, enter one of the following depending on where your Staffbase platform is hosted.

Define the Staffbase channel for the news sync

Define the Staffbase channel to which you want to sync your SharePoint News.

You have the ID for the Staffbase News channel to which want to copy the SharePoint News content.

  1. In the flow, open step 3 to define which Staffbase news article channel you want to display copies of synced SharePoint News content.
  2. In the Value field, enter the channel ID you copied from the Staffbase Studio.

Define the default language

Define the default language for news content.

  1. In the flow, open the step 4 to configure the Staffbase platform details.
  2. In the Value field, enter your default language locale.

For a list of supported languages and locales, see Languages and Locale Codes .

Fix errors and save the flow

Some steps can still miss a mapping connection leading to errors. You need to fix those errors before saving the flow.

  1. In the flow page, click Flow checker on the top toolbar.
    The Flow checker dialog opens.
  2. Click on an error.
    You are redirected to the step in which the configuration is incorrect.
  3. Provide the correct details.
  4. Click Save after fixing all the errors.

Test the flow

After saving the flow, you can test the flow to ensure that it works as expected.

  1. In the flow page, click Test on the top toolbar.
    The Test Flow dialog opens.
  2. Click Manually.
  3. Click Save & Test.
    You have tested the flow and if you have not encountered any errors, you can run the flow. If you encounter any errors, fix them, and test the flow again.