Get Started With News Sync Template for Power Automate

Learn how to import a flow using the Staffbase News Sync template for Power Automate to sync SharePoint News to Staffbase.

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The News Sync template for Power Automate helps you to set up flows to sync SharePoint News content to Staffbase as news articles. There are three flows available to you. You can set up one or more flows based on your business needs. Learn more about the

three flows .

During the sync via the Power Automate template, news posts from SharePoint are stored in a SharePoint list called the Power Automate News Sync relations list. This list is created automatically the first time you run on-demand or continuous news sync flows. All three flows use the list to keep the news synced between the platforms.

Staffbase only supports the Staffbase services (APIs, Staffbase Power Automate connector, and backend service) required to run the flows. All other Power Automate features, APIs, services, and potential customizations are outside of the support services offered by Staffbase.


To set up a flow using the Staffbase News Sync template for Power Automate, you need the following:

Get started

Complete the following steps before importing a flow:

  1. Generate an API token with editorial access.
  2. Create an article news channel in the Staffbase Studio and then copy its ID.
  3. Create a SharePoint connection.
  4. Grant edit permissions to the account used to create the SharePoint connection.
  5. Create an Azure Key Vault connection.
  6. Add the following two secrets to the Azure Key vault:
StaffbaseAPITokenBasic {INSERT API TOKEN}
You need to insert the API token you generated to replace {INSERT API TOKEN} including the curly brackets.
Use one of the following depending on the region in which your Staffbase platform is hosted:
  • PA-Service-BasicAuth-US
  • PA-Service-BasicAuth-DE
Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to receive the value.

Import a flow

The Power Automate News Sync templates are available as the following three flows:

  • On-demand news sync
  • Continuous news sync
  • Deletion of synced news

Learn more about the three flows .

You need to import each flow template separately to Power Automate.


  • You have extracted the content of Staffbase Power Automate News Sync .zip file you downloaded from the Staffbase Studio.

    The .zip file contains 3 different .zip files for each type of news sync.

  1. In Power Automate, navigate to My flows > Import ">" Import Package (Legacy).
    The Import package page opens.
  2. Click Upload to upload the .zip file for the flow of your choice from the extracted .zip file package.
  3. Under Review Package Content, for the resource type Flow, select Create as new as the import setup.
    Review Package
  4. Under Related Resources, configure the following import set up for the following resource types, select the account used for connection to the Power Automate platform, and click Save.
    Resource typeImport setupUser account
    SharePoint ConnectionSelect during importSharePoint site
    Azure Key Vault ConnectionSelect during importAzure Key Vault
    Staffbase ConnectionSelect during importStaffbase
  5. Click Import.
    You have imported the flow.
  6. Click the Open flow link in the success message.
    You have imported the flow. If you get an error, fix the errors.

Fix import errors

If you get an error after the import, you can do one of the following:

  • Open a new browser window and import the flow again.
  • In the error message, click the Save as a new flow link to open the flow, provide a new name for the flow, and fix any errors that are displayed under Flow checker.

Choose and configure flow(s)