Role Type

Learn about the Staffbase role types.

The role type defines the role a user could have in your organisation.


typestringDefines the type of the role. The possible values are described below.


"role": {
"type": "admin"


TypeApp RoleAPI Token AccessDescription
adminAdministratorAdministrativeHas full access to the Staffbase Studio of the employee app or intranet. This includes management of users and groups, as well as general settings for the organisation and branding of the app. This is the system-wide administrative role.
editorManaging EditorManaging EditorialIn addition to what editors can do, can create new news channels and other plugins, edit their access rights or delete them. This is the system-wide managing editor role, usually for adding and managing news.
moderatorEditorEditorialCan access the Staffbase Studio and edit all plugins system-wide, including news and pages. Additionally, can see the dashboard and manage comments and the app’s menu. This is the system-wide editor role, usually for adding and managing news.
readerUserRead-onlyOnly has access to the employee app or intranet, but not to the Staffbase Studio. This is the default role when creating new users.
When a user is made admin of a space, user group, or editor of a plugin, they get limited access to the Staffbase Studio. In that case, they get additional content-specific roles while still retaining the User role .
restrictedRestricted Read-onlyCan only see the public area of the app. What is the public area and why do I need one?

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