User Model

User Model

Whenever you get in touch with users in our API the data you get or need to send with are modelled following this user model. Please be aware of that all optional properties can be null. Properties that are marked as read-only cannot be changed when using our API directly.


name type description
id objectId read-only The internal id of the user. This property is created by the automatically to be unique and cannot be changed.
externalId string optional This id can be set an external id to identify the user in your organisation. Therefore, this property needs to be unique, too.
firstName string The first name of the user.
lastName string The last name of the user.
publicEmailAddress string optional This is the email address that should be shown publicly at the user’s profile.
gender string optional The gender of the user could be male or female.
position string optional The position a user has in the company.
department string optional The department the user belongs to.
location string optional The location where the user works at.
phoneNumber string optional The phone number of the user.
status string The status of a user could be activatedpending, or deactivated. The status activated belongs to a user who has signed up successfully and can login. The status pending belongs to a user who has been invited recently to the organisation but has not signed up yet. The status deactivated belongs to a user who should be not able to login anymore.
role role type Defines the role a user can have. Checkout the role type for more information.
created timestamp read-only The timestamp when the user was created.
updated timestamp read-only The timestamp when the user has been updated last time.


  "id": "5791e3ffd4c61f21c3df8b90",
  "externalID": "jd123",
  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Doe",
  "publicEmailAddress": "",
  "gender": "male",
  "position": "Developer",
  "department": "Development & Research",
  "location": "Chemnitz",
  "phoneNumber": "+491234567890",
  "status": "activated",
  "role": {
    "type": "admin"
  "created": "2016-07-22T09:14:39.146Z",
  "updated": "2016-08-16T15:15:45.668Z"