Plugins Client SDK Methods

Explore all the frontend methods in the Plugins Client SDK.

The Plugins Client SDK provides many methods for several features in the Staffbase frontend application. Learn more about how the Plugins Client SDK works. This article lists the two categories of methods and the individual methods that belong to those categories.

Application context

These methods give information about the context of the environment in which the application is running.

deviceCanDownload()Checks if the user's device can download a file
isIosDevice()Checks if the user’s device is using iOS
isAndroidDevice()Checks if the user’s device is using Android
getAppVersion()Fetches the user's app version
isNativeApp()Checks if the application is running on a mobile device
If isNativeApp() returns true, isMobileApp() also returns true
isMobileApp()Checks if the application is opened in a mobile browser
If the application is opened in a mobile browser, isMobileApp() returns true, but the isNativeApp() returns false

Action triggers

These are methods that trigger specific actions in the frontend application.

openLink(url)Opens a link depending on the frontend application logic
openLinkExternal(url) Opens a link in an external browser
openLinkInternal(url)Opens a link in an internal browser
getBranchLanguages()Fetches all the content languages added for your organization
getBranchDefaultLanguage() Fetches the default language configured for your organization
getContentLanguages()Fetches all the content languages supported by the Staffbase platform
getPreferredContentLocale(content)Fetches the chosen language from a given content object
openNativeShareDialog()Opens a share dialog on mobile devices
openNativeFileDialog()Opens a native file upload dialog