News As Slack Notification

Share Your News as a Slack Notification

To easily share updates from a news channel in Slack, you can connect a specific news channel to Slack as an RSS feed.

This article provides the information you need to set up a news channel as an RSS feed and connect it to Slack.

Setting up a news channel as RSS feed

Since the news channel of your choice must be configured to be accessible via an API token in order to be exposed as an RSS feed, as a first step you can follow the News As RSS Feed guide to configure RSS capability for a specific channel.

The full URL from the guide above is required for the next steps to integrate with Slack.

Setting up Slack


  • A public or private Slack channel
  • You may need Workspace administrator rights in Slack for the configuration
  • The RSS URL from the news channel

Installing the RSS app

To give Slack the ability to add RSS feeds to a channel, you need to install the RSS app on your Slack workspace. Once this is done, you can add the specified feed based on the URL you received from your news channel.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add the RSS app and feeds to Slack, please visit the Slack Help Center.

Add news channel URL as feed to Slack

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Overview of your feeds in Slack

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Notification example in Slack channel

Slack Notification

Additional Helpful Information

Slack periodically fetches the RSS feed. Therefore, it may take a few minutes for the notification to appear in Slack (typically between 5-20 minutes).