Allow Automatic Image Download in Email

Discover how to automatically download Employee Email images in Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

Employee Email

The desktop version of Outlook on Windows relies on junk email filters and/or security zones in the internet properties to manage how it handles hosted content in emails. Since creating and maintaining global Safe Senders Lists might not be easily scalable, we've created some instructions for you to follow so that images in Staffbase emails will always download automatically by creating an exception for the domains they're hosted on.

Depending on your Staffbase hosting infrastructure and product lines, you can add the respective Staffbase hosting domains to the trusted sites and configure Outlook to download images automatically from the trusted zone:

  • For Employee Email on US hosting infrastructure, add:
    • https://*
    • https://*
  • For Employee Email on EU hosting infrastructure, add:
    • https://*
    • https://*
  • If you have both Front Door Intranet and Employee Email product lines, add:
    • Your Front Door Intranet domain
    • The respective domains for US or EU hosting infrastructure for Employee Email

You can also configure this setting for all managed devices using GPO.

Add the domains as trusted sites on your computer

  1. In your computer, navigate to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Internet Options.
Control Panel Internet Options
  1. Under Internet Properties, navigate to Security > Trusted sites > Sites.
Internet Properties Options

The Trusted sites dialog opens.

  1. In Add this website to the zone, provide the domain you want to include.
Trusted Sites
  1. Click Add.
  2. Repeat steps 3 and 4 till you have added all the domains.
  3. Click Close after you have added all the domains.
  4. Under Security level for this zone, adjust the toggle to Medium.
  5. Click OK.

You have added the domains as trusted sites.

Add the domains to the trust center in Outlook

If you’re using a newer version of Outlook switch to Classic Outlook.

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, navigate to File > Options > Trust Center.
    The Trust Center dialog opens.

  2. In the left navigation panel, navigate to Automatic Download.

  3. Under Pictures, select the checkbox for Permit downloads from Web sites in this security zone: Trusted Zone.

Trust Center Automatic Download Options
  1. Click OK.

You have added the domains to the Trust Center in Outlook.

You can now send a test email from Staffbase to confirm that images are automatically downloading. If you need further assistance, contact Staffbase Support or your Customer Success Manager.